publishing tips on linkedin

Publishing Tips on Linkedin

Why is Linkedin publishing beneficial for you and your business? Well, according to Linkedin, social sellers sell 78% more than their competitors who don’t use social media, also social media advertising creates 45% more opportunities. So whether you just want to make yourself known to the world or you want to actually sell something, using the publishing platform on Linkedin is the way to go.

A real case

A business advisor couldn’t believe it when his friend told him the crazy amount of views he had had in 10 hours, so he decided to investigate it. First, he published an article that he had written. What happened? Within minutes he started receiving messages and invitation requests from those members who had seen his article. After a few hours the article had achieved 70K views, more than 11K shares and almost 500 comments. Not only that but thanks to the exposure, he was able to secure some speaking jobs and get some new clients for his advisory firm.

What do we learn?

  • Since most of your connections share similar types of interests, publishing on Linkedin is an easy way to target your audience.
  • Like it! If your contacts like what you have published it opens a whole new world of people that can now see you. In addition, if they find it valuable they will probably start following you.
  • Every time you publish something, a notification will be sent to your connections. This is a fantastic way to show them what you are like and get them to know you better.


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