A Guide to Digital Marketing

Just hearing the words “digital marketing” could make someone feel overwhelmed or even give up. Let that not be your case. At Koranga we want you to enjoy your ride in the digital business world.

The lingo you need to know

  • Search Engine Optimization –  SEO; it means that we will make your website appear as high up as possible on a search engine. It will help you to reach customers and increase the amount of traffic of your page.
  • Pay-Per-Click is an advertising method. You place your add and each time somebody clicks on it, you pay. It is good to give you immediate results, but you need to keep it on, because as soon as you stop it, the traffic will stop too. So target the right keywords—we will help you—and monitor which ones work well and which ones don’t.
  • Get Social. This is one of the most powerful mechanisms in B2B. On a social platform you will easily engage with potential and existing customers, make your brand known and strengthen your relationships.
  • Well, you know this one, right? The importance of having a high-quality website cannot be overstated. This is your online-HQ. It should be aesthetically appealing, transmit a feeling of trust and, of course, be easy to use. According to a study, 94% of people would mistrust a site because of its design. Just due to your site your whole digital marketing could be ruined.


Time is money, so don’t waste it! Contact us! At Koranga we will give you solutions for your online needs. Our services include SEO services, Conversion Optimization Analysis and Targeted Media Planning across all channels, optimized PPC campaign management, and Social Media Marketing. We have been 13 years working hard in the internet sector and we want you to succeed too. Contact us, and let us do the hard work for you.

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